Spokane 2nd Ward Joins the Spokane Stake

On Sunday, August 28, 2022, members of the Spokane 2nd and Manito wards met together in a special Sacrament meeting with stake leaders from the Spokane West Stake and Spokane Stake, where proposed stake and ward boundaries were considered for a sustaining vote. With the unanimous support of those present, the Spokane 2nd Ward joined the Spokane Stake with ward boundaries adjusted between Spokane 2nd and Manito wards, along with minor adjustments to the Sunset Ward, which remains in the Spokane West Stake. Updated boundaries are depicted in the interactive map below. The stake directory on the Church’s website and in the Member Tools app will be updated within several days to reflect these changes.

Calling Changes

During the meeting, the Spokane 2nd Ward bishopric was reorganized. Spokane West Stake President Brady Bates released Bishop David Harris and his counselors with a vote of gratitude. Bishop Harris served the ward faithfully for over five years. Tyson Stewart was later called to serve as the new Spokane 2nd Ward Bishop, with Brother L. Shane Ridley-Stevens as First Counselor and Brother Spencer Gardner as Second Counselor.

In related actions, Brother Scott Rasmussen was sustained as Second Counselor to Bishop Lichfield in the realigned Manito Ward, replacing Tyson Stewart. Brother Mike Sharapata was sustained as the Elders Quorum President of the Manito Ward. All other members in ward callings who were directly affected by the boundary realignment were released with an expression of appreciation.

Hearts Knit Together in Unity and in Love

As part of the meeting, stake and ward leaders invited members to expand their friendships to include the newest members of the stake and of their wards. The meeting was to be followed by an informal gathering in the stake center cultural hall to provide an opportunity to renew and make new acquaintances and friendships.

About the Spokane 2nd Ward

The Spokane 2nd ward was first organized as the North Spokane Branch in 1940 and was one of the first five wards in the Spokane Stake when it was organized in 1947. From 1992 to August 2022 the Spokane 2nd Ward was affiliated with the Spokane West Stake. The ward will continue to meet in the chapel built by members of the ward 70 years ago, located at 732 W. Indiana Avenue, accessible by transit routes 4 and 36. Sunday meetings begin with Sacrament first at 1pm.

About the Manito Ward

The Manito Ward was first organized as the Spokane 21st Ward in 1983. From 1992 to 1995 the Manito Ward was affiliated with the Spokane West Stake. The ward meets at the Spokane Stake Center located at 1620 W. 29th Avenue, accessible by transit route 4. Sunday meetings begin with Sacrament first at 10:30am.

About the Spokane Stake

The Spokane Washington Stake is one of six stakes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints centered in Spokane County and is comprised of nine wards (congregations). Organized June 1947 as the 168th stake of the Church, the Spokane Stake originally extended across most of the Inland Northwest in an area now home to 13 stakes, over 100 wards and tens of thousands of Latter-day Saints. Darrell L. Moseley, of Spangle, Washington, has served as stake president since 2015.

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