Stake sponsors course on strengthening relationships

We are pleased to announce a course of firesides for adults entitled “Hearts Knit Together | Strengthening your relationships” to take place in October and November 2022.

This six-week course is designed to help strengthen any and all relationships — friendships, parent/child and marriage. Beginning Sunday, October 9th and running through November 13th, all firesides will be held at the Spokane Stake Center, 1620 E. 29th Avenue, at 7pm.

Descriptions of each fireside is provided below. All adult members and friends are invited to attend.

DateSession TitleInstructors
October 9thRelationship with selfShawn Adame & Annie Ditto
October 16thFriendships/Relationships with othersSarah Richards & Amber Addams
October 23rdUnderstanding conflicts in relationshipsJason & Arianne Richardson
October 30thCommunicating with honesty and listening with understandingBrooke & Scott Rasmussen
November 6thHealthy sexualityAndrea Hainsworth & Kristin Rawlins
November 13thHow our fears impact vulnerability and compassion in our relationshipsJi-Hye Jean & Mark Young
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