Worldwide Magazine Features Spokane Stake’s African Saints

The February 2023 issue of the Liahona Magazine, the Church’s worldwide monthly magazine for friends and members, features multiple articles related to the service and life of African saints living in Spokane, as well as dedicated members and missionaries who have fostered Zion within our stake.

The magazine’s welcome article is written by Phil and Alice Huber of the Spokane Stake, and confirms, “yes, it is possible to create a community a community of people who love and care for one another in a beautiful and holy way.” It provides the introduction to a feature article by Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on how we can follow Jesus Christ, as well as an extensive article also written by the Hubers entitled “Becoming a Zion People.” The article tells the story of the Lincoln Heights Ward’s experience in reaching out in love and unity with African refugees and how they have become unity and serving. What began as a ministry within the ward when Phil was Bishop of the ward has extended to include service missionaries from various stakes across Spokane. The article highlights how members have welcomed refugees into their homes and hearts, as we together, become a Zion people.

In addition to the articles by the Hubers, the digital edition of the Liahona includes an article written by Noel Cohen, a former missionary in the Washington Spokane Mission who served his entire mission in the Lincoln Heights Ward teaching African Saints, primarily from Swahili-speaking countries. He speaks of his faith even while he initially questioned why the Lord would send him to Spokane.

Finally, the Church produced an inspiring film sharing the stories of our African brothers and sisters in their own words. The video has been viewed more than 45,000 times on YouTube and features many members of the Spokane Stake.

Stories of the faith and resilience of our African brothers and sisters have been shared online by our stake in the past, including this January 2021 stake conference message as well as a Facebook post reporting one of the first baptisms among the members of the Swahili Group.

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