Reorganization of YSA Wards Aims to Gather Young Single Adults Across Spokane

Congregations serving young single adults in five stakes were reorganized on Sunday, April 30, 2023, during a special Sacrament meeting presided over by President Darrell L. Moseley, with four other stake presidents participating. The resulting changes reorganized the Spokane Young Single Adult (YSA) Ward as the Eagle Peak YSA Ward and created the Spokane River YSA Ward. Along with these changes, leaders have announced changes to locations and/or time changes for multiple congregations, including the Spokane 2nd Ward and Spokane 3rd (Spanish) Branch as shown below:

CongregationMeeting LocationSunday Meeting Times
Eagle Peak YSA WardIndiana Building, 732 W Indiana Avenue12:00pm-2:00pm
Spokane 2nd WardSpokane Stake Center, 1620 E 29th Avenue1:00pm-3:00pm
Spokane 3rd (Spanish) BranchIndiana Building, 732 W Indiana Avenue10:30am-12:30pm
Spokane River YSA WardIndiana Building, 732 W Indiana Avenue1:30pm-3:30pm

The special Sacrament meeting was announced in the week leading up to April 30th, inviting all young single adults from five stakes in Spokane County, including the Spokane, Spokane East, Spokane North, Mount Spokane and Spokane Valley stakes and was held at the Spokane Stake Center on 29th Avenue.

The business portion of the meeting presented a number of changes for votes of thanks and sustaining. First, President Brent S. Byers, Spokane East Stake, released Bishop Daniel Chamberlain, his counselors and all other members of the Terrace View YSA Ward with a vote of gratitude.

President Moseley subsequently announced that the First Presidency of the Church had authorized the consolidation of the Terrace View YSA Ward with Spokane YSA Ward, along with renaming the ward to Eagle Peak YSA. Bishop Jason Smith, who was called earlier this year to serve as Spokane YSA Ward Bishop, will continue in that capacity over the Eagle Peak YSA ward. Outside of the bishopric, Elders Quorum President and Relief Society President, President Moseley announced the release of all other callings in the reorganized ward.

President Ronald D. Hardy, Spokane North Stake, then released with a vote of thanks Shawnee YSA Ward Bishop Christopher Grimes, along with all other leaders in that ward. He was followed by President Jed D. McKinlay, Spokane Mount Spokane Stake, who released with a vote of thanks President Lon Gibby who faithfully presided over the Mount Spokane YSA Branch for the past five-and-half years. President Hardy then announced the creation of the Mount Spokane River YSA Ward to be organized from the membership of the former Shawnee YSA Ward and Mount Spokane Branch. Bishop Matthew Schupp was then sustained as Bishop of the new Spokane River YSA Ward with Rylan Simmons and Alaric Beckman as 1st and 2nd counselors, respectively.

The Eagle Peak YSA and Spokane River YSA wards will meet at the Indiana Building, 732 W Indiana Avenue. Recently, the Spokane Institute of Religion relocated to the building. Regional church leaders aim to make the Indiana Building a gathering place of young single adults across much of the Spokane metro area. As part of these changes, the Spokane 2nd Ward will begin holding Sunday meetings at the Spokane Stake Center beginning May 7, 2023. The Spokane 3rd (Spanish) Branch, which is a congregation within the Spokane West Stake and serves Spanish-speaking Latter-day Saints in multiples stakes in the region, will continue to meet at the Indiana Building with Sacrament meeting beginning at 10:30 am on Sundays.

The special regional YSA Sacrament meeting included testimonies from outgoing leaders, their spouses, as well as Bishop and Sister Smith (Eagle Peak YSA Ward) and Bishop and Sister Schupp (Spokane River YSA Ward). Many of these leaders shared how the changes reflect the Lord’s love for the young single adults in the region. This is both a substantial change as well as a wonderful change. All of them expressed their love of the young single adults and encouraged them as they continue on the Covenant Path and following our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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