Messages Especially for Youth

We’re pleased to share messages from our stake youth leaders. President Janelle Cobb of the Stake Young Women presidency speaks on the importance of taking charge of one’s spiritual development and faith. She announces an initiative that will be taking place on the stake youth Instagram page in the coming weeks to receive and respondContinue reading “Messages Especially for Youth”

Resolutions, Goals and Self Reliance

Brother Tim Olsen of the Stake High Council shares a message about the importance of self reliance and available resources to help us grow in our capabilities for physical, financial, spiritual and emotional self reliance. You can find the resources referenced in the video linked below. If you are interesting in participating in an upcomingContinue reading “Resolutions, Goals and Self Reliance”

Welcome to January 2021 Stake Conference

We open stake conference with a message from President Darrell Moseley. Read below for more details on this special and unique stake conference. Stake Conference consists of a series of pre-recorded messages along with one general session that will be held next Sunday, January 10. Videos will be posted online daily between today and SaturdayContinue reading “Welcome to January 2021 Stake Conference”

Introducing January 2021 Stake Conference

With restrictions in place limiting large gatherings, stake conference will take on a different format this year. Beginning January 3rd, look for videos and messages from stake leaders and members as we seek to more fully partake of the love of God. General Session of stake conference will be broadcast live over the web onContinue reading “Introducing January 2021 Stake Conference”

By Small and Simple Things

This post was originally published on the Friends of the Spokane Stake Facebook Page October 18, 2020. “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” Alma 37:6 Something as simple as acting on an impression or helping someone in a busy grocery store can change the course of lives. That is howContinue reading “By Small and Simple Things”